Participants are our valued partners

First and foremost participants are our partners. At the Life Project we build relationships built on transparency and trust ensuring your rights and welfare as a study participant are protected. Every aspect of The Lake Nona Life Project has been carefully reviewed by an external Institutional Review Board with your privacy in mind.

The data collected will be used to gain an understanding of the health of the community as a whole. Similarly to the Framingham Heart Study, information from this study will support and create health improving insights for years to come. Individuals will never be identified and your information will be kept confidential. In order to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, your survey responses will be separated from your personally identifiable information. Even when the data is analyzed, it is in an anonymized aggregate form. That is, your data will be combined with the information from other study participants so that the Research team (link) can identify health and wellbeing patterns across the Lake Nona community and around the globe.