Building a community that promotes wellbeing by investigating lifestyle behaviors through a long-term health study.

When a community comes together anything is possible. The Lake Nona Life Project aims to crack-the-code to life-long health, helping Lake Nona residents and future generations live healthier lives and serve as a global model for wellbeing.

How is this done? Lake Nona residents and workers or “Citizen Scientists” as we like to say, complete a bi-annual health and lifestyle survey. The survey focuses on individuals’ health and behavior choices. By better understanding these factors, we can learn how communities work and the elements that lead to better overall health. Everything you share will be kept strictly confidential and you can opt out anytime.

Information gathered through the Life Project enables the Research Team to identify health-improving insights that will have an influence for years to come.

Your participation makes a difference. Will you join us?

L E T’ S M A K E H I S T O R Y