Here is what we have learned so far...


A healthy, well-educated community with access to best-in-class medical care is rarely researched. This is what makes Lake Nona unique.

As a smart and connected community, Lake Nona is home today to over 15,000 residents, with more than 2,500 under informed consent and serving as Citizen Scientists.

With over 1,200 surveys completed to date, here are some initial findings:

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  • 46% Report having stress in their life

  • 41% Take prescribed medication every day

  • 35% Sleep less than 6 hours a day

  • 33% Do not have a regular doctor

  • 24% Experience uncontrollable worry or anxiety

What we are finding here is important – in a community where people have the financial means and access to healthcare, they are struggling from similar issues as other demographics.

And we’re doing things about this – We’re building a community for the future, focused on the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of its residents.